Party Plans – Rube Goldberg’s Birthday

Here’s the plan . . .

The Party

Good fun, music, pot luck, and a hot grill.  Silliness, satire, and even sacrilege have been known to occur!  See amenities below.  Kids welcome; a nerd-friendly environment.

The Contests

We invite our guests to participate in two friendly competitions.  Follow the links below for more information.  If you are interested, please let us know when you RSVP.  Note that team entries are permitted (and encouraged!):



The Amenities

    • Free booze!  We will provide copious amounts of decent beer and wine.  We also have a fairly well stocked bar.
    • Beyond BBQ–our meatless grill will be serving up plenty of burgers, dogs, and brats!
    • Meatless Potluck–we ask that you bring a meatless snack or side dish to share.  Please be sure to bring an ingredients list for those who may have food sensitivities.
    • Yard Games (cornhole, bocce, disc golf–we have four disc golf targets on the property that we can move around and set up a mini-course!)
    • Great camping spots, for those who want to pitch a tent
    • Fire pit–should things last into the wee hours
    • Plenty of indoor crash space (though it might fill up quickly)
    • Forest trail hikes right behind the house
    • Drum circle, anyone?  It’s pretty remote out here….  We have drums!
    • Lots of musical instruments lying around
    • Rocking chairs and nice views


More information about our place…

Check out the map for help with directions…
73 Raspberry Road, Elma, WA  98541