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The Cabin in the Woods
A masterpiece we’d love to see again.  First viewing, it takes you some time to fully appreciate what’s really going on–and even then, you’re wrong! 
From Dusk Till Dawn
A true classic . . . probably better than you remember.  Keitel?  Clooney?  Danny Trejo?  Cheech Marin?!  And, of course, Tarantino himself in high form.  Over the top and infinitely rewatchable.
Halloween Ends
For real?  The end of a generational phenomenon!  We haven’t seen it yet.  Have you?
H.P. Lovecraft’s From Beyond
From the same crew who brought you Reanimator.  Just as sick and twisted, but even more bizarre!
Killer Klownz from Outer Space
Juggalo bait for the masses.  If you think the title says it all, you’re wrong.  Beneath the surface of this insanity lies a deep message.  Do you get it?

ABCs of Death 2.5
Oh yes, this little lesson really goes there.  So weird, so disturbing—almost hard to watch, but devilishly funny.  Not for the faint of heart or sound of mind!

Please vote using the form below.  The top two picks will play on our big screen late in the evening…
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