Flag Raiser Schematic (2023)

For any interested parties, we offer you this diagram of the machine’s intended operation.  A more detailed explanation follows the diagram.

The action moves from right to left.  To begin, an impetus strikes the Target (A), spinning a pivot arm that pushes the Ball (B) from its perch, rolling it down a chute and into the Coiled Tube (C), where it lazily circles downward towards an exit port at the bottom, where the ball’s impact on the hatch releases a revving motorcycle, upon which sits “The Fonz” (D) [see more below].  Arthur Fonzarelli then jumps The Shark (E) and careens down the landing ramp towards the Dominos (F), ultimately crashing into the first domino and setting off a predictable chain reaction, which ends with the weight of the last falling domino pulling a Release Pin (G), thus permitting gravity to further act upon a bundle of old rusty horseshoes previously hauled up the flagpole as a counterweight and allowing the the falling horseshoes to pull the flag halyard down to raise the flag to the Top of the Flagpole (I).